About Us

We built 'How's It Like' to help people find jobs through culture and work environment. Our mission is to share how's it like to work at a company even before you apply to one of the roles. We are looking forward to be the largest and finest culture fit job board!

Getting to know a company's culture and work environment is critical for both the company and a prospective employee. We spoke with many job seekers and companies before building 'How's It Like' and we have observed a common pain point from their feedback.

Most of the job seekers do not have a view of company's culture, workstyle, benefits, the type of work and people they are going to deal with. On the other end, companies had challenges with employee retention as employees couldn't figure out if that's the right one for them until they are in the company.

Before going through the challenging interview process, it is helpful and effective to know about the company and see if that's the right fit for you!

We try matching the best companies and jobs with best people through culture fit. Want to know more? We're excited to hear on info@howsitlike.com.